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Fetal Pig And The Human Being s Anatomy - 1225 Words

Hypothesis Due to the fact that the fetal pig and the human being’s anatomy are extremely similar, with the exception of a few minor parts, the fetal pig will be a precise tool in learning about the anatomy of a human. Introduction In courses such as biology, anatomy, and physiology, learning the anatomy of a human is imperative to learning about its functions and processes. Due to a lack of money, resources, and access, UConn cannot provide the use of a human cadaver for educational purposes. Since we lack actual human specimens, the next best thing is the fetal pig. The reasoning behind the choice of a fetal pig is because it is extremely similar to the anatomy of a human, with a few minor differences of course. A study at Cambridge†¦show more content†¦(Lombard, Terry, Malinoski, 2017) Discussion My hypothesis was correct in addressing how similar the fetal pig and human anatomy are, and how it helps to learn more about a human. One way in which the fetal pig is particularly similar to a human is its lungs. The fetal pig’s lungs are almost identical to that of a human. They exchange oxygen for CO2, are located in the same place, and are also multi-lobed. Another similarity is the pig’s pericardium. The pericardium is a clear membrane that surrounds the heart, it is composed of an outer fibrous layer and an inner double layer of serous membrane. Its main purpose is the give the heart protection against infection and bacteria, and it provides lubrication as well. Every human has their heart surrounded by this, and so does a fetal pig. When dissecting, the dissector must make a light incision and remove the pericardium so the heart can be accessed. Although there are many similarities between the fetal pig and a human, there are also differences. The first differe nce resides in the liver. A normal human liver has four lobes: right, left, caudate, and quadrate. While a normal pig liver has five lobes: right lateral, right central, left central, left lateral, and caudate. Another main difference is that a fetal pig’s colon is a spiral shape. A human’s colon is shaped in a sigmoidal pattern instead (â€Å"Human/Pig Comparisons†, 2004, September, goshen.edu).Show MoreRelatedThe Fetal Pig And Human Anatomy1664 Words   |  7 Pagesbelieve if we observe a fetal pig specimen, it will serve as a very helpful comparative tool in learning human anatomy because much of the fetal pig’s organ systems are very similar in anatomy and physiology to that of the human, as the pig and human are both mammals. From the fetal pig, we can gain an understanding of organ size, the relation between organ systems and how they function together as a whole. Introduction Pigs are one of the most similar animals to humans, and can be analyzed toRead MoreThe Importance Of A Certified Nurse Midwife And An Obstetrician1424 Words   |  6 PagesObstetrics I am interested in helping people. I believe in the well-being of others and would love to work with the miracle of life, also known as pregnancy and birth. This is why I am looking at Obstetrics. According to webmd.com an Obstetrician is, â€Å"a doctor who specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, and a woman’s reproductive system.† They take care of women during pregnancy in many ways, including monitoring the mother’s and her developing baby’s health by carrying out routine ultrasounds, measurementsRead MoreEmerging Three Dimensional Printing Of Modern Medicine Essay3080 Words   |  13 Pagesbuild bioprinters are being perfected to achieve successful use. An object is scanned or designed using model software, that data is then sent to the printer, which uses syringes to lay down coats of matter until a three-dimensional object has been produced. A biocompatible plastic is held to form a printed structure of an organ or body part. Other structures could b e filled with gel containing human cells or proteins to promote growth. While the organs or body parts are being printed, cells from anRead MoreIs Visited The Mutter Museum?1995 Words   |  8 Pagestour and perform. Chang and Eng eventually married sisters and bought adjacent farms near the lands of North Carolina during the early 1840’s. This exhibit along with countless number of expositions of the malformations of human beings ignited a very strong interest for the subject of teratology. And it was at that moment, as I stared into the unbelievable anatomy of these incredible creatures, that I made the decision of pursuing the subject of teratology for this particular research essay. In today’sRead MoreOld Yeller16951 Words   |  68 Pageshydrophobia (rabies). First, Mama’s favorite cow, Spot, and a roan bull contract the disease. Both needed to be shot and burned to prevent the deadly disease from spreading. It took 2 days and nights to burn the bull to keep their drinking water from being ruined and to keep other animals from getting rabies, too. Travis shot Spot about a mile from the cabin; Mama and Lisbeth, an 11-year-old neighbor girl sent to help, rode Jumper, their mule, out there to burn Spot, too, to keep it from infecting anyRead MoreHuman Anatomy lab answers Essay12661 Words   |  51 Pagesï » ¿Instructor’s Manual for the Laboratory Manual to Accompany Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology Eighth Edition Terry R. Martin Kishwaukee College Instructor’s Manual for the Laboratory Manual to Accompany Hole’s essentials of human anatomy and physiology, eighth edition David shier, jackie butler, and ricki lewis Published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, an imprint

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