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Multimedia Systems And Applications Computer Science Essay

Multimedia Systems And Applications Computer Science Essay This report gives the details of multimedia computing. Multimedia computing is one of the major research topics in recent years, this field is widely using in different industries like web, gaming, telecommunications and broadcasting networks. Multimedia computing gives the detailed view of multimedia systems, multimedia applications, and multimedia softwares. It is used in presenting the text, audio, video, and graphics in different fields. The development in multimedia computing has made a strong impact on these fields. Fundamentally multimedia computing use the elements such as audio, video, personal computers, and the storage devices to get the synchronisation of animation, text, video and sound to present the information. The multimedia computing mainly depends on the systems and the human computer interaction. The input and output of the computer has changed to the window oriented display using the bitmapped displays. The stable rate in the continuous media like audio and digit al video must be considered in the multimedia input and output. Multimedia applications are now exploring the capabilities of the multimedia computing. Understanding the multimedia functionality in advanced application domains like visualization systems, intelligent interfaces, virtual reality environments, and collaboration environments provides the different possibilities which are not available previously in the human computer interaction. This report discusses the multimedia applications, multimedia systems, technologies and softwares with designs and operating systems. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review 2.1. Key Areas 3. Research Section 3.1. Multimedia systems 3.2. Multimedia technologies 3.3. Multimedia applications 4. Conclusion 5. References INTRODUCTION This paper presents the detailed research about multimedia computing and the contents of multimedia computing. The purpose of this paper is to present the detailed review about the multimedia computing which involves the concepts like multimedia systems, multimedia technologies, softwares and multimedia applications. In this presentation about the multimedia computing the challenges are it is difficult give the review because the multimedia computing is the integration of several multimedia concepts and is difficult to present them as a single component. As an MSc student, while developing a research paper the rule and regulations must have to be followed. And all the information which is required for the research has to be accessed in proper way by using the facilities provided by the university. The research paper should not create any controversy in further approach, and the details presented in the paper must be correct and honest. The main aim of this paper is to provide the det ailed view about multimedia computing and its concepts including the views like the back ground, current status of multimedia computing and possible advancements in future. To achieve this detailed research is required in the field of multimedia and in the technologies using and in the application domains. And the analysis on existing works in multimedia computing field is needed to get an idea about what currently happening in the field and to find the advantages and disadvantages, so that it is possible to know the future enhancements needed. Multimedia is the well known word and widely using in information industry. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Multimedia  means that computer information can be represented through audio, video, and animation in addition to traditional media like text, graphics drawings, and imagesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . In general Multimedia can be defined as a field that integrates various forms of media such as text, audio, video, graphics with the computer-controlled integration. Multimedia concept is used to display the text, images, graphics and drawings in the form of audio and video presentations. (Dave Marshall, 2001). LITERATURE REVIEW According to Reisman (1994), the multimedia computing is the rapidly using technology to present the data in the audio and video contexts rather than in normal text and graphics format. In the present days the multimedia systems are using to display the presentations of data as a multimedia content. These systems are capable of processing the multimedia data such as audio, video, graphics, text and images. These systems having the window based display with bitmapped processing. The images and the videos presented through this displays are modified by using the different multimedia technologies like image processing, video compression, visualization etc. The present multimedia systems use the elements like audio, video, storage devices such as CD-ROMS, DVD, Hard disk to get the synchronisation of multimedia contents animation, text, video, audio. According to Different multimedia technologies are used in developing the multimedia content like audio, text, images and video. There are different approaches using in each context, like for displaying the image several processes like jpeg encoding, gif encoding and jpg encoding etc..And for video we use the mpeg-4 technology, and digital video technology is used. Similarly different approaches are used in editing graphics and animations etc. The technologies used for animations and graphics are different from the technologies used for editing of text, audio and video. In the presentation of general data as a multimedia data we need to us all these technologies at one instance, because the data is the combination of text, images, audio, video and more. (Fernando Pereira, 1999) The present multimedia is one the major field which is using in a high extent in information industry, because in any information related thing, there is a need of multimedia to present data. The multimedia is given as by the name itself, combining two or more media as one information. The multimedia concepts used in the development of games in high extent because the games developed depends on the graphics and animations, these concepts can be designed by using the different softwares like Maya , 3D max,3dsmax etc these softwares are mainly using in the development of visual effects and graphics animations etc. There are different softwares which are used to display the images, audio, text and video. The softwares like Adobe, Flash are used to edit or display the images, text, audio, video in the required format. These application softwares of multimedia containing different tools and each tool has its own specification in developing, editing or displaying the information. (Mahbubur Rahman Syed, 2008) Key areas: According to Fernando Pereira (1999), In general multimedia computing is the key area in information industry. The key areas in multimedia computing are multimedia systems, multimedia technologies, multimedia softwares and multimedia applications. These areas are explained in detail below. The multimedia computing has more applications and important in several fields. The multimedia computing also includes the topics like multimedia operating systems. Multimedia is mainly depends on the systems and technologies used in displaying the information and also on the multimedia softwares which are used in developing the information. To accept all these technologies and to execute the components of softwares used in developing the multimedia systems must contain the operating system which is capable of processing the multimedia components. The operating system which can capable of processing the multimedia contents like audio, video, text, graphics is known as multimedia software. The multimedia is the hot area with its applications and tools that are used in developing the multimedia components. The presenting of information which consist the audio and video along with images, graphics and animations is difficult to process, because the operating system has to run all the fields like systems and softwares and the technologies of multimedia simultaneously so that it can provides all the information in the display that contains the multimedia components. The key area in multimedia is its life cycle. The life cycle that is followed when a multimedia component is produced is known as multimedia life cycle. The life cycle consists the phases such as analysis, design, implementing, testing and executing. To develop a multimedia application such as presenting the information, gaming applications or animated displays etc, have to follow the multimedia life cycle. First we need to analyse the requirements and identfy the charecterstics and have to to the analysis abou t the designs . such that we need to clarify which designs has to be use, and which is the best software to develop the designs and the technologies that has to use. From the above analysis the implementaio or the development of the application has to done, the testing is the important phase in development, the testing has to done according to the appliction developed and the performance has to be analysed . (Ralf Steinmetz, Analyzing the Multimedia Operating systems,1995 ). RESEARCH SECTION According to Matthew E. Hodges and Sasnett(1993), Multimedia computing gives the in-depth overview of information design, advances in multimedia technology and system representations to system designers, system planners and to the users. The concepts of multimedia such as multimedia systems, multimedia designs, multimedia softwares and multimedia applications are all parts of multimedia computing. Multimedia computing is responsible for presenting the information in audio and video format. The systems which are able to process the multimedia components like data and applications are called as the multimedia systems. These systems have different characteristics, components. The characterisation of multimedia systems is based on their capability of processing, storage, manipulation, generation of multimedia information. The designs which use the multimedia concepts to present the data containing the text, images, graphics, and drawings as a multimedia presentation like audio and video format are known as multimedia designs. The designs are used based on the requirement in the presentation of data. The softwares that are used in developing the multimedia components of data are known as multimedia softwares. There are different types of softwares like adobe, flash, 3dsmax using for various applications. The multimedia computing has been using in different fields. It has a wide range of applications in various domains like gaming, World Wide Web, interactive TV, virtual reality etc. The Multimedia computing applications use the multiple fields of media sources like text, video, audio as a collection. Multimedia computing is the combination of all the above multimedia concepts. The above all concepts are explained below in detail. Multimedia computing evolved with the concepts of multimedia such as multimedia systems, multimedia technologies, multimedia softwares and multimedia applications. This research section clearly focuses on the detailed views on these multimedia fields. The existing works in these fields are described in the literature review section. 3.1. MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS According to Dave Marshall (2001), the definition for the multimedia systems can be given as the systems which are able to process the multimedia components like data and applications are called as the multimedia systems. These systems have different characteristics, components. The characterisation of multimedia systems is based on their capability of processing, storage, manipulation, generation of multimedia information. The multimedia systems use the bitmapped windows oriented displays to display the contents. These are capable of processing the multimedia contents. The multimedia computing is more dependent on the configuration of these systems. The configuration of the systems can results in the display of multimedia contents and to process some of the multimedia softwares and technologies the high configurations are required. The characteristics, challenges, key issues and the desirable features of multimedia systems are given below Characteristics of multimedia system The basic characteristics that a multimedia system is, the multimedia system should be computer-controlled. To process the multimedia components the multimedia systems should be integrated. These systems have to represent the information digitally. They have to use the interactive media as an interface for the presentation of final information. These characteristics have to be possessed by the multimedia systems. Challenges of multimedia system The multimedia systems have some challenges such as distributed networks. It is difficult to process the multimedia content over distributed networks, because different types of systems are used in different networks and the configurations are not same, so the content that is displaying may undergoes changes. And the other challenge is temporal relationship between data. This is a problem in presenting the data when there is a relationship between data using in the presenting information. This is like using the audio video for same display needs the lip sync. Key Issues The key issues in the multimedia systems are related to the representation of data such as how to store and represent the temporal data. And the issues in maintain the relationship between the temporal data in multimedia presentation. The other issues involved like data compression and representation. There is a need of compressing the data when it is using large volumes of data. And some other issues are involved related to analogue and digital data representation. (Reisman, S. 1994). 3.2. MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES According to Mahbubur Rahman Syed(2008), In general the multimedia technologies can be defined as the technologies which are used in processing of the multimedia contents to present the multimedia information. The technologies include video, audio, text, image and graphics. Each of these technologies is responsible for providing the data as multimedia content. These technologies are responsible for processing the images by using the technologies like jpeg encoding and decoding, and like the other formats gif, and jpg. And technologies that are used for encoding and compressing the videos use the MPEG-4 technologies. The technologies are based on the multimedia concepts like generations and the dimension views. The whole technologies of multimedia are responsible for presenting the data in detailed view which consist of the multimedia contents. 3.3. MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS According to Ralf Steinmetz and K. N. (2004). The multimedia computing has wide range applications in different fields, because the applications are used to present the information in audio and video formats. The sectors which are dealing with the processing of the information will use the multimedia applications. The applications of multimedia are used in mobiles, televisions, World Wide Web, networks, games, visual effects, digital video processing systems, hypermedia courseware, virtual reality, video conferencing etc. The applications of multimedia are designed on the basis of requirements of multimedia component presentations. The applications designed as discussed above, by using the designs, technologies and softwares. 4.CONCLUSION The present world is dependent mostly on the multimedia and its applications. The developments in this multimedia computing provide various features for the users and developers. With the applications of multimedia the information industry changed a lot. The evolution in multimedia provides the features like games, internet, and presentations of data in variety of formats. The fields of multimedia like systems, technologies, applications and softwares are all used simultaneously in the systems achieving the best results. And by overcoming the drawbacks like memory usage and temporal relationship between data, multimedia applications can processed easily and gives the best results. The above paper discussed the concepts of multimedia and key issues and desirable features of multimedia computing.

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